We contribute to social prosperity through creating ″Commercial Spaces“.


SEMBA wants to be the only partner brought the remarkable business success to  the clients with exclusive expertise and knowledge thorough creating "Commercial Spaces".



"Commerce" = "Change"

In Japanese, the words of “AKINAI’’ has two homophonic meaning; one is a commercial business and the other is a never-get-tired. Our mission is to be the partner that keep our clients never get tired of their business success with our extra-ordinary expertise created and accumulated in commercial business.

However, no matter how much you look ahead, nothing in the future is definite.

So we will continue to boldly challenge of creating success business environments in new markets by deeply understanding in one-two step ahead of next-generation consumer behavior.


"SUCCESS PARTNER" is Semba's corporate mission.

How can we provide success result on the business for our clients in this VUCA(※) world? To get an answer, we are always thinking about how to make our clients smile in this tough time by connecting with consumers through "new ideas" and "gentle communication" from many different angles. Perhaps the new indicator might be a "Smile index".

Helping to enrich people's lives_ Semba always wants to be such "SUCCESS PARTNER."






Daisuke Yashima

President and CEO





※VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainly, Complexity, Ambiguity