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SEMBA achieves 99% waste recycling on Dentsu Digital Inc. head office renovation project

SEMBA Corporation, a spatial design company headquartered in Japan, ventures on its resource circulation-based renovation service “CIRCULAR RENOVATION ®” on Dentsu Digital Inc. head office renewal project as one of its Ethical Design challenges, and achieves 99% waste recycling on managing waste.

1. A closer look at 99% waste recycle

Disposal management is a service to properly recycle the waste that comes from demolishing the original office space to the new refurnish work. The movement of waste was tracked until its final disposal site, and the evidence was summarized in the recycle report below.

① We achieved 99% waste recycling by sorting the construction waste disposed of the construction sites by items with the cooperation of waste management providers. 

② Regarding the traceability of construction waste, we tracked to the amounts of recycled materials produced at recycling plants.

2. Project brief of Dentsu Digital Inc. office renewal

Client: Dentsu Digital Inc.
Office Name: Shiodome PORT
Address: 1-8-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The construction waste disposed of during the renovation of the office space was recycled as much as possible and revived as new resources. 
We are eager to standardize our waste management service across the country while quantifying CO2 reduction and utilizing recycled materials for interior finishing. 

■ About Ethical Design

We,Semba Corporation have been exerting ethical activities since 2021. We promote the idea of Semba Ethical Design Thinking, where everyone at Semba is encouraged to start by “Rethinking” all of the space design processes from the perspective of compassion towards people, local communities, and the global environment. From 2022, we set Creating Future Friendly Spaces as our corporate mission.

Please visit below for Semba’s resource circulation-based renovation service, CIRCULAR RENOVATION®.

* Semba Ethical Design Thinking

An ethical design philosophy promoted throughout the Semba group, which declares “Ethical and Digital” as essential themes for its corporate innovation. 

From the perspective of caring and considering the global environment, everyone at Semba starts by “Rethinking” all of its business processes. 

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