Creating Future Friendly Space

Vision & Mission

Our Business

事業内容の図 調査・企画・コンサルティング、デザイン・設計、制作・施工、空間演出・開業後支援 空間づくり

The SEMBA Group is designing spaces for a wide range of clients, from commercial facilities such as shops and restaurants, to offices, hotels, educational, healthcare, and leisure facilities. With the mission of Creating Future Friendly Spaces, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process of space design and construction.

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Ethical & Digital

SEMBA will pursue new possibilities and values under the theme of "Ethical and Digital" and propose "future-friendly spaces”.


Our projects

We provide spatial design services globally for a wide range of clients, from small shops to large-scale commercial facilities, offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, hotels, and leisure facilities.