/SEMBA’s metaverse design

We utilize our accumulated expertise in spatial design and BIM-based 3D model data to offer highly aesthetic metaverse.

Building on our design expertise in real-world spaces, we can create metaverses that users feel natural and comfortable. We achieve this through human-scale design, intuitive signage, and three-dimensional lighting planning.


High design aesthetics

Designers excelling in various fields such as commercial facilities, offices, and leisure facilities propose spaces with high design aesthetics.


Design tailored to human-scale considerations

By aligning spatial scale, walking distances, stairs and furniture in accordance with the human scale, we provide a high quality spatial experience.


Incarnation of brand image

We specialize in designing spaces with narrative appeal that embody a concept and corporate vision, effectively showcasing the allure of the brand.

/ Examples of SEMBS’s metaverse design

House of Photography in Metaverse, a Fujifilm’s web metaverse for photograph enthusiasts

We were responsible for the architecture, spatial design, avatar creation, and promotional video production. Drawing on the design process of real-world spaces, we implemented the plan for a smooth passage, material selection, and lighting adjustments to create immersive, easily navigable, and realistic environments.

/ Application example of metaverse

Opening a Virtual Store

We can create a well-designed virtual store in the metaverse to serve customers using avatars and to sell products by guiding customers to the website or e-commerce site.

Promotion of Real Space

In conjunction with real spatial design and construction, we can reproduce the space in the metaverse and lead to promote the real space by providing many users with the online experience .

働 はたらく場

*The above case studies are only a part of our efforts. If you are interested, please contact us using the inquiry form below.



Using avatars, users can move freely in the metaverse and communicate through voice as if they were face-to-face.


It enables sales promotion of products and services in the metaverse, using images, video,
and 3D data.

Linkage with External Sites

It can lead users directly to the websites, product e-commerce sites, and SNS from the

/ Metaverse solution

“Vterior🄬” demo version introduction video

What is “Vterior🄬”?

We offer an original metaverse space called “Vterior🄬”. “Vterior🄬” is a metaverse that uses the spatial design technology and experience we have cultivated and we offer it mainly to clients having commercial facilities, offices, and showrooms. Its strength lies in its high design quality, and it can provide communication through avatars, opening of metaverse stores linked to e-commerce, holding of events, showrooming, and other services.

Please feel free to contact us.

  • Those who want to work more efficiently/increase productivity
  • Those who want to centrally manage their design data until post-completion maintenance.
  • Those who wish to proceed while closely matching the completed image
  • Those who wish to promote their existing space in a simulated experience
  • Those who are attempting to resolve issues/add value to their existing space creation and would like to consult on space creation
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Main Services in the Digital Design Area

Spatial Design with BIM

We provide “better space creation” through 3D design communication utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Providing new spatial experiences through virtual promotio

We provide solutions to reproduce the space as a virtual space by scanning a real space in 3D.

Ethical design

Our challenge in Ethical Design is to create a sustainable circulation system and co- create future-friendly spaces that address various social issues.

Digital Design

We have developed the business in the digital and virtual field, and provide digital solutions utilizing our skills and experiences of spatial design, we have developed to date.

Overseas Business Outlook

With over 30 years of experience, we leverage our established network as the unified SEMBA Group. We strategically set up Asian bases and efficiently share resources among our overseas companies.

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