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/ What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

BIM is a workflow in which we can utilize information in a series of processes from planning, design, construction, and maintenance, using a database, added attribute information such as component specifications and costs, in addition to the shape information of a spatial model created on a computer.
SEMBA aims to be a BIM pioneer among interior companies and takes on the challenge of creating a new cyclical workflow.


Viewing spatial design through virtual simulation based on BIM data, we can share the space images more instinctively.

/ Advantages of BIM Utilizat


Facilitation of Consensus Building

From the design stage, we can share the image of the completed space with all parties involved, it prevents reworks due to miscommunication and aids clients in better decision-making.


Streamlining the Design Process

When designing a chain of stores with multiple locations, for example, we can streamline the design process for multiple stores by building a BIM design database and making the necessary modifications


Developmental Use of BIM Data

With BIM data, we provide not only a data-based simulation, but also aim to contribute to improve productivity of clients and their business transformation, by developing our way of utilizing BIM database in the future.

/ BIM Application Example

Tobu Department Store Funabashi 2F

We built design consensus smoothly, by using BIM from the early design stage, and provide clients the virtual simulation using BIM as a tenant leasing too

CG created with BIM and virtual simulation
photograph of the completed space


In the project featured a dynamic, three-dimensional atrium, by utilizing BIM, we created empathy and co-creation throughout all parties involved. As a result, we were able to provide customers visiting the facility with a rich spatial and temporal experience that they have never experienced before, down to the smallest detail.

CG created with BIM and virtual simulation
photograph of the completed space

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  • Those who want to work more efficiently/increase productivity
  • Those who want to centrally manage their design data until post-completion maintenance.
  • Those who wish to proceed while closely matching the completed image
  • Those who wish to promote their existing space in a simulated experience
  • Those who are attempting to resolve issues/add value to their existing space creation and would like to consult on space creation
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Main Services in the Digital Design Area

Providing new spatial experiences through virtual promotio

We provide solutions to reproduce the space as a virtual space by scanning a real space in 3D.

Creating & Providing Metaverse Spaces

We offer “Vterior®”, a metaverse solution that enables the construction and operation of original, well-designed virtual spaces

Ethical design

Our challenge in Ethical Design is to create a sustainable circulation system and co- create future-friendly spaces that address various social issues.

Digital Design

We have developed the business in the digital and virtual field, and provide digital solutions utilizing our skills and experiences of spatial design, we have developed to date.

Overseas Business Outlook

With over 30 years of experience, we lev erag e our est ab li sh ed network as the unified SEMBA Group. We strategically set up Asian bases and efficiently share resources among our overseas companies

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