Our Business

We provide a wide range of services related to spatial design, including research and analysis, concept making, planning, consulting, interior design, production, construction, spatial performance using digital technology, maintenance and facility operation, within Japan and overseas.

事業内容の図 調査・企画・コンサルティング、デザイン・設計、制作・施工、空間演出・開業後支援 空間づくり
事業内容の図 調査・企画・コンサルティング、デザイン・設計、制作・施工、空間演出・開業後支援 空間づくり

Business Flow

We support the entire process of spatial design from start to completion.

Business Domain


Ethical & Digital / Features of Space Creation

Ethical Design

Ethical Design, that SEMBA defines, is to aim to create a better society across the entire supply chain. Inventing the space creation with “compassion” for people, the local society and the natural environment, we aim to co-create the circular society with ethical partners.

Digital Design

We have developed the business in the digital and virtual field, and provide digital solutions utilizing our skills and experiences of spatial design, we have developed to date. Besides, we challenge to create future-friendly spaces (to implement Ethical Design) through digital designs.

Global Business

With a history of over 30 years of overseas business experience, we are expanding in Asian region. Under the theme of “One Asia”, we share knowledge, resources and network to strengthen our business activities.

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