An Article on “BIM Today”, in Which One of Our Employees Provided Research Assistance, Was Published.

Since 2021, we have designated “Ethical and Digital” as a key theme for corporate reform, and are proposing spatial proposals utilizing digital technology and providing metaverse solutions (*1).

In particular, we are actively using BIM (*2) and Enscape, software that enhances real-time rendering and 3D visualization, to focus on spatial proposals (virtual simulations) that can intuitively share images.

Example of vidualization

Yusuke Okura, Division Leader, Digital Design Department, DX Unit in charge of promoting BIM, and Hiro Nobata, Chief, have been featured in BIM Today for an article they helped cover. BIM Today is a UK-based architecture-related web media that publishes news on BIM, blockchain, 3D printing, VR, laser scanning, drones, and other topics.

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*1 Metaverse Solutions
Learn more about “Vterior™”, a metaverse solution offered by Semba.

*2 BIM(Building Information Modeling )
This system builds a building information model that has information on building attributes such as area, specifications and performance of materials and components, and finishes, in addition to mainly three-dimensional shape information created on a computer.

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