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SEMBA obtains a patent for the technology of SPOT AIR, a photocatalyst sterilization & deodorization device, jointly developed by SEMBA and KALTECH Corporation

SEMBA Corporation, a spatial design company headquartered in Japan, announces the patenting of the technology related to a sterilization apparatus, lighting and sterilization equipment, and installation method used in SPOT AIR, a spot-type photocatalyst sterilization & deodorization device developed in collaboration with Kaltech Corporation. Kaltech Corporation is a leading company of photocatalytic technology for air and water purification.

. Patent Brief

Patent NumberPatent No. 7101729
Title of InventionSterilization device, lighting and sterilization equipment, and installation method for the sterilization device
Patented DateJuly 7th, 2022
PatenteeSEMBA Corporation and KALTECH Corporation
InventorAkira Kanbe, Ryosuke Sumitani, Rika Sakurai, Akiko Nakashima
(Ethical Design Unit and Western Japan Business Unit, SEMBA Corporation)

With this patented technology, it is now possible to encase a fan, a photocatalytic device, and even a light source for a photocatalytic filter inside a cylindrical body, which enabled the development of a stylish sterilization device that would harmonize with its surroundings. In facilities such as supermarkets, department stores, schools, and hospitals, this sterilization device does not take up much space for installation and could be plugged into the same suspended lighting rails as other lighting fixtures. It sterilizes the air inside the facility without having to ruin the interior design or the atmosphere of the space.

2. Background of patenting the technology used in SPOT AIR

This patenting project stemmed from four members of SEMBA who sought what the company could do amidst the COVID-19 pandemic since the declaration of the coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic in March 2020. Their ideas were developed and materialized through the fusion of SEMBA’s experience and knowledge of designing and constructing commercial facilities, office buildings, hospitals, and schools with Kaltech’s advanced photocatalyst technology for air and water purification. As a result of our collaboration with Kaltech, SPOT AIR, a spot-type photocatalyst sterilization & deodorization device, was put on the market in December 2021.

In addition, this patent acquisition accelerates SEMBA’s “Discovering New Market” strategy proposed in the Midterm Business Plan 2024, publicized in February 2022. SEMBA has selected “Space x Healthcare and Well-being” as its new market target. The introducion and utilization of SPOT AIR, a device that has a high affinity with this target, in the company’s services and the acquisition of this patent are crucial in promoting this vision.

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