Redefined Criteria for Selecting “Ethical Material” and Launched Full-scale Activities.

We have redefined the selection criteria for Ethical Materials, a major pillar of our Ethical Design activities. We systematized them by establishing new four perspectives, and aim to deepen our research on materials and their practical application.

■What Is “Ethical Material”?

Ethical Materials are future-friendly materials collected from SEMBA’s own selection criteria and perspectives. We have gathered information from about 100 manufacturers of building materials and raw materials, and carried out researches into how to recycle them after the end of their useful life and how to utilize recycled resources.

We have a permanent gallery to showcase Ethical Materials in our office.

■ Four Perspectives

Since the viewpoint of consideration differs from company to company, we extract ethical elements and study materials from the following four perspectives.

(1) Global Environmental perspective

(environmental protection, CO2 reduction, pollution risk reduction, energy efficiency, etc.)

(2) Resource Circulation perspective

(recycling of raw materials, recycling plan for refurbishment, product longevity, yield rate, etc.)

(3) Human & Social perspective

(safety, local industry, inheritance of traditional culture, etc.)

(4) Creativity & Economic Efficiency perspective

(Designability such as texture and color, cost effectiveness, etc.)

We will continue to promote our Ethical Material activities, in which we consider the life cycle of materials from various perspectives and pursue ethical ways of using interior materials.

Please click here for more information on our Ethical Design activities, which aim to co-create a better society throughout the supply chain by taking a “compassion” perspective toward people, local communities, and the natural environment.

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