Press Release

Public Resonance Department,

SEMBA Updates Its New Logo to Express Ethical Corporate Stance

SEMBA Corporation, a spatial design company headquartered in Japan, promotes Ethical Design from a perspective of “compassion” for people, local communities, and the natural environment, and aims to co-create a better society throughout its supply chain. We have updated our logo by adding the tagline “Good Ethical Company” in order to increase awareness of SEMBA and the number of people who share our vision, and we will deepen our Ethical Design activities.

1. New Tagline “Good Ethical Company”

SEMBA’s vision “Good Ethical Company” includes not only the idea of “increasing the number of companies that share SEMBA’s activities and co-creating a recycling-oriented society,” but also the idea of “becoming an ethical company that aims to build a better society”.

In order to raise awareness of SEMBA’s ethical initiatives and deepen our activities, we have adopted the same tagline, “Good Ethical Company”  as our vision. The design of the new logo expresses the image of SEMBA, which aims to become a new wave company in the industry, taking on the challenge of steering the ship toward the creation of new value.

2. About Public Resonance Department

In January 2022, SEMBA newly established a Public Resonance Department, and has promoted activities to enhance the value of the SEMBA brand. As we aim to create unique PR, we define PR not “Relation” but “Resonance”. We believe it is important to generate “resonance” by “conceiving, transmitting, and dialoguing” amidst the vast amount of information in the drastically changing world.

In addition, it is essential for SEMBA to enhance its ability to communicate and promote its activities, as we focuse on Ethical Design activities and aims not only to solve clients’ problems but also to solve social issues. Along with the growth of the company, we aim to build a relationship that resonates with our stakeholders.

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