Announcement of Winning Merit Award at “DFA Design for Asia Awards 2022”

At the “DFA Design for Asia Awards 2022”, one of the most prestigious design awards in Asia, our ethical design efforts were highly evaluated, and “SEMBA GOOD ETHICAL OFFICE” and “TOKYO SHARE OFFICE SUMIDA” received the Merit Award.

■Semba Good Ethical Office

The renewal of the SEMBA head office, which we could  reconsider the future of people, the community, and the environment with many people.

We renovated our office with the involvement and co-creation of many people through an in-house competition for upcycled furniture design, the “Link” research project on discarded building materials with we+ inc., in-house events and study groups, and tours of the new office for companies.

The project was not limited to “how much environmentally friendly materials we can use”. Each employee thought about “how to continue to use the space while changing its forms to meet our needs” from their own perspective, so that we realized the new space creation considering the future. 


Client: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Our Responsibilities: Production, design, and construction

A shared office renovation that challenged to expand the possibilities of utilizing waste and unused materials.

By repairing and reusing existing things used in the building as much as possible, and upcycling waste and edge materials, generated during manufacture, into furniture and finishing materials, we achieved an industrial waste recycling rate of 95.6%. We realized a design that satisfy both sustainability and aesthetic.

■About DFA Design for Asia Awards

This international design award was established in 2003 with the aim of recognizing projects that embody excellent design in Asia and contribute to the betterment of society and the design industry. In addition to creativity, innovation, design, and sustainability, the judging process also considers factors such as impact in Asia and commercial and social success.

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