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SEMBA Launches “Ethical Design Lab.”, a Co-creation Lab for Researching Future-friendly Spaces, and Begins Offering Consulting Services.

SEMBA Corporation, a spatial design company headquartered in Japan, is pleased to announce the establishment of Ethical Design Lab., a platform for expanding the circle of its Ethical Design activities and co-creating a sustainable society with ethical partners. Based on the knowledge gained through its activities to date, the Lab will begin offering ethical consulting services to support the creation of future-friendly spaces.

1. About Ethical Design Lab.

共創ラボ「Ethical Design Lab.」

SEMBA has advocated and promotes Ethical Design, which values the perspective of “compassion” for people, local communities, and the natural environment, and aims to co-create a better society throughout the supply chain. We view the problems faced by governments, business organizations, and educational institutions as common social issues, and aim to solve them through “space creation”.

The newly established “Ethical Design Lab.” will promote open innovation with experts in a wide variety of fields across industries based on the knowledge gained through our Ethical Design activities to date.

2. About Ethical Consulting Services

“Ethical Design Lab.” will launch consulting services under the three themes of “Ethical Materials,” “re product,” and “Zero Waste”. Together with our ethical partners, we support the creation of future-friendly spaces.

1) “Ethical Material”, Rethinking the Future from Materials

We have gathered information from about 100 manufacturers of building materials and raw materials, and carried out  researches into how to recycle them after the end of their useful life and how to utilize recycled resources.

We study materials from the four perspectives of global environment, resource recycling, people & society, and creativity & economic efficiency,” and we have a permanent gallery to showcase Ethical Material in our office

For more information, please click here.

2) “re product”, Exploring Possibilities of Unused Resources

We collect items of no value in society; lumber that is not sawn such as broadleaf tree having bend, and industrial waste discharged from economic activities, and make original products converted from them.

3) “Zero Waste”, Not Wasting Resources

We manage waste discharged from construction in a coordinated way and we are building a network got reuse and recycling. We focus on creating a system of resource recycling, by sorting mixed waste into a material one by one on the site and ensuring traceability after intermediate treatment.

(Left: Recycling report for the Dentsu Digital office renewal)

Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about any of the following matters.

・Those who want to incorporate sustainability elements into their spaces.

・Those who are looking for a partner to assist them from planning to implementation.

・Those who want to consult on the management and utilization of waste generated by their company.

・Those who want to develop materials and products with ethical stories.

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